You’re married, eh? Any advice for us for the wedding?

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  • If you want great photos and video, help yourself out and read this
  • If you have the funds, hire a coordinator. You won’t fully realize how much you’re undertaking by doing it yourself until it’s too late.
  • Finish EVERYTHING by the day before the rehearsal… leave that day for relaxing and de-stressing. Something we didn’t realize is that the wedding craziness essentially starts when you open your eyes the morning of the rehearsal.
  • Try to at least say “hi” to everyone that attends.
  • Seriously, a year of planning then you’ll blink and the day will be over… and you won’t remember much. So hire a videographer. If you don’t hire me, no worries, but hire SOMEONE.
  • Don’t let anything get you down, things WILL go wrong… just roll with it.
  • Pee before putting on your dress.
  • Don’t chew gum on the wedding day. DAG GUM IT! I know you want that minty fresh breath but opt for a small mint or mouthwash instead. Gum chewing can look really bad in your video and the last thing your photographer wants to do is edit green bubblegum out of your photos:) Also, Encourage your family to avoid gum at all costs!