What will we get on our DVD’s?

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I have 2 goals… to give you an amazing artsy highlight video that can sum up the whole day, and to also give you the ability to re-live all the important parts of the day from start to finish without music or flashy/distracting shots. The first is achieved with the highlight video/SDE, the second with the key moments. The Key Moments (AKA ceremony and reception edit) is a straight-forward account of the main events of the day, no music added. Each event is edited between multiple cameras(if multiple camera option is available and selected in your package) and played out in its entirety. The ceremony edit includes the entire ceremony, while the reception edit includes (if applicable): Grand Entrance, First Dance, Speeches, Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dances, Cake Cutting, and Bouquet/Garter Toss.