18 Mar 2015

What’s the deal with this “same day edit” (SDE) you offer?

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I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of awesome. The Same Day Edit (SDE) is the same as your cinematic highlight video, but edited the day of the wedding in time to be shown to all your guests while they enjoy their cake. The SDE is a great way to do something unique for your […]

17 Mar 2015

What makes you different from other videographers?

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I’m not your uncle bob’s videographer! I have such a passion for what I do and I’m always evolving and learning to keep my work above and beyond what most people expect from a wedding video. I’m also a person, not a company. This means you know who will be taking care of you before, […]

16 Mar 2015

Do we have to feed you?

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Nope, but I sure hope you will! It’s okay though, I always have some snacks though in case you forget about me

15 Mar 2015

Who do you shoot with?

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I mostly shoot with me, myself, and I…oh, and your photographer of course! Be sure to check out some of my favorite photographers on my main page! f

14 Mar 2015

You’re married, eh? Any advice for us for the wedding?

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If you want great photos and video, help yourself out and read this If you have the funds, hire a coordinator. You won’t fully realize how much you’re undertaking by doing it yourself until it’s too late. Finish EVERYTHING by the day before the rehearsal… leave that day for relaxing and de-stressing. Something we didn’t […]

13 Mar 2015

I’m kind of a huge BRIDEZILLA… will you still work with me?

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Nope! …but in all seriousness, no. In order to make amazing videos, I have to enjoy what I’m doing. Plus if you’re crazy and stressed out on the day of your wedding, I guarantee you it will show through in your video and that’s not something I can fix in editing.

12 Mar 2015

What will we get on our DVD’s?

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I have 2 goals… to give you an amazing artsy highlight video that can sum up the whole day, and to also give you the ability to re-live all the important parts of the day from start to finish without music or flashy/distracting shots. The first is achieved with the highlight video/SDE, the second with […]

11 Mar 2015

Any tips for choosing a photographer?

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Pick one that has has experience and one that also has a good deal of experience working with videographers.

9 Mar 2015

Am I supposed to tip my wedding vendors and professionals?

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This is a question that I’m constantly asked and here’s my response: Because of the service-oriented nature of Videography, Photography, floral arranging and catering, etc., most clients offer a tip or gift of some sort. While cash is always appreciated, simple gift certificates or short thank you notes are very kind and welcomed most warmly! […]

8 Mar 2015

Do you negotiate on pricing?

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I believe my prices accurately represent the quality of work you’ll be receiving, which is rare in this industry. If skeptical, I strongly encourage you to check out my competitors’ pricing compared to their quality of work and you’ll see what I mean. For this, and all the reasons listed above in “what makes you […]