Here's what our clients are saying!

  • Rozzlyn & Adam

    We want to thank Chris for all he has done. Our wedding video brought joyful tears to BOTH of our eyes. We’ve watched it so many times because it is just so beautiful. Chris has an amazing talent and we were so lucky to have him film our wedding. He captured EVERYTHING during our day. The most important part of the video was our Wedding Party, Family and Friends. They helped make the video what it is. Chris was able to capture the absolute love and happiness they surrounded us with that day.

    It was PERFECT. If we didn’t get a videographer, I would of regretted it forever. To all of you future Brides out there… if you have it in your budget we highly recommend booking with Chris!! Contact him! He just might be available 😉

    - Rozzlyn & Adam
  • Debbie

    I wasn’t going to get a wedding videographer but one of my amazing bridesmaids suggested to give Chris a call to find out about wedding videography! After I saw his work and met with him, I realized how amazing his work was cause I shopped around. His pricing was higher than some of the others I researched but Chris’ style and expertise was absolutely the best hands down. He was so accommodating and actually built a package that was custom for my husband and I. We love Chris and loved having him at our wedding. Our entire family and bridal party all loved him too. If I could do my wedding over, I would have often even a bigger package with Chris because it is sooooo worth it!! Amazing amazing amazing. If you’re looking for the best, hire the best….if he’s still available!!

    - Debbie
  • Tye & Kyle

    WOW! Chris is amazing! Our video turned out awesome! Better than anything I could have ever imagined! If you are on the fence and cant decide, I strongly recommend you have Chris do this for you. You wont regret it!!! Its more than just a video of your wedding, its a work of art! The way he puts it all together is unbelievable. Anyone can film a wedding, only Chris can turn it into something so spectacular!! If I could give him more than 5 stars I would.

    - Tye & Kyle